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Pericle’s Funeral Oration Historian Thucydides, At the end of the first year of war, the Athenians held, as was their custom, an elaborate funeral for all those killed in the war. The funeral oration over these dead was delivered by the brilliant and charismatic politician and general, Pericles, who perished a little bit later in the horrifying plague that decimated Athens the next year.
Antigone 1 Athenian Sophocles, Dramatis Personae daughters of Oedipus: ANTIGONE ISMENE CREON, King of Thebes EURYDICE, his wife HAEMON, his son TEIRESIAS, the blind prophet GUARD, set to watch the corpse of Polyneices FIRST MESSENGER SECOND MESSENGER, from the house CHORUS OF THEBAN ELDERS Scene The same as in Oedipus the King,
Antigone 2 Athenian Sophocles, Translated by R. C. Jebb, CHORUS singing strophe 1 Blest are they whose days have not tasted of evil. For when a house hath once been shaken from heaven, there the curse fails nevermore, passing from life to life of the race;
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