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Categories 3 Athenian Aristotle, Translated by E. M. Edghill, Sextion 3 Part 9 Action and affection both admit of contraries and also of variation of degree. Heating is the contrary of cooling, being heated of being cooled, being glad of being vexed. Thus they admit of contraries. They also admit of variation of degree: for it is possible to heat in a greater or less degree; also to be heated in a greater or less degree.
On Interpretation 2 Athenian Aristotle, Translated by E. M. Edghill, The Internet Classics Archive, Part 11 There is no unity about an affirmation or denial which, either positively or negatively, predicates one thing of many subjects, or many things of the same subject, unless that which is indicated by the many is really some one thing. do not apply this word ’one’ to those things which, though they have a single recognized name, yet do not combine to form a unity.
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